Buy One of SAFE BUY properties and protect your downside…


        Buy One of SAFE BUY properties and protect your downside…

        Many people feel NOW is a good time to buy in Australia due to the low Aussie dollar,  increasing rentals, good yields, low interest rates, a high employment and migration rate and the shortage of new construction- but they still worry about whether to buy, or whether they should wait and watch in case Australia suffers a real estate downturn.  

        In Australia, its strict mortgage requirements, the rising population, high rental occupancy rates, rising rentals and pent up demand has greatly protected the market, BUT  the decision to  “wait and see” is always tempting, but could be a costly one.
        It is easy “to decide to wait” as opposed “to decide to commit”. History proves that most investors wait too long and miss the initial growth provided in a new property cycle.
    • We have a strong case for optimism in the Australian property sector and we would hate to see our clients pass on what could be a great opportunity to purchase in Australia for a very sound long term investment.rtage in many areas of new construction projects, and generous government-sponsored grants for first time buyers of newly-built homes, the investment opportunities available today may not exist for much longer, as rents rise and interest rates remian low, buyers are already flodding into the market.

        We understand that with many of the headlines in newspapers focusing on negativity and gloom, it is not always easy to see the silver lining.  That is why we have designed Citylife’s exclusive Safe Buy Plan.©

        When you buy an apartment or house off the plan  through the Citylife Safe Buy Plan we strive to find you an excellent investment -- one you'll be happy with for years to come, and that will show good rentals, and offer a strong prospect of capital gain.
      • But if there is a downturn in Australia, your downside can still be limited.  We set ourselves apart from other agents by offering our buyers our unique and unparalleled SAFE BUY PLAN.
        Here's how it works. When you buy an approved off–plan property in a CITYLIFE SAFE BUY PROJECT* :

        1. If, for whatever reason, the market drops substantially within 12 months of you purchasing, according to the officially published index on apartment or house prices, CITYLIFE PROPERTY GROUP LIMITED  guarantees in writing to rebate you in cash the agreed in advance drop in value thereby protecting you against any unforseen and major drops in the market.

        2. If the market (as shown by the official Residex Index) moves UP after you purchase, you are only required to complete your purchase at the original Contract price, not at any increased price.

        This means that when you buy through CITYLIFE, you can do so knowing that there's a safety net under you. In effect we put OUR money behind any property we recommend. If the Index moves up, you gain. If it falls by an agreed amount, for whatever reason, you will get a CASH rebate/discount to reflect the drop.
        It is ONLY available through CITYLIFE, and is currently ONLY offered on selected properties in approved SAFE BUY PROJECTS.

         CITYLIFE SAFE BUY: AUSTRALIA'S ONLY BUYER PROTECTION PLAN: ONLY available through CITYLIFE for genuine purchasers,  and is currently offered on apartments off the plan in selected projects. 


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*See full information and details /conditions from Citylife.

1. Not all projects qualify, and SAFE BUY is restricted to no more than 10 apartments or houses in any approved project.

2. Apartments/houses over $800,000 excluded.

3. Citylife reserves all rights to withhold offering SAFE BUY on any particular property without giving reasons, however, Citylife undertakes to advise any prospective purchaser of this upon booking and before any Contract is signed. All prospective buyers may view the Citylife Safe Buy Certificate to satisfy themselves of the terms before any purchase.  

4. Citylife is under no obligation to offer SAFE BUY to any purchaser, nor is any buyer under any obligation to take up SAFE BUY.

5. A fee of 0.3% of the contract price applies to take up Safe Buy